With 18+ years of experience, I will provide a social media audit of your online presence and help you get better results with your online marketing


This Social Media Audit is a complete, in-depth investigation that reveals exactly where your business’s online presence is today and gives an exact plan of what you can do to improve it. Every place your business appears online will be thoroughly reviewed for effectiveness, design, functionality, and SEO performance. You’ll also receive information on your competitors, get perfect keywords, have a website health analysis and more.

The final report will contain recommendations that identify and prioritize the most important issues, with the steps needed to optimize your online presence. And if you need help applying the recommended steps, I’ll be there to take care of that too. 

The tabs below will provide you with details of the audit’s structure.

Step One: Website Audit & Report

The social media audit reveals exactly what is keeping your website from showing up in search, creating conversions and properly representing your brand. From slow loading sites to improperly coded images and sitemaps, every detail is thoroughly reviewed and detailed in your report. Once the report is complete I can also give you an idea of what it will cost to correct any issues we find.

Step Two: User Experience Testing

Do you really know what a prospect or customer thinks when they get to your site? Is it immediately clear what you do and how to contact you? Is it easy for them to navigate and find what they’re looking for? Do the pictures and copy represent a pro? We use randomized testing to get answers to those questions. Once we define opportunities to improve I’ll be able to correct those and get your site on track to attract and retain prospects.

Step Three: Review of Landing Pages

If you’re driving traffic to landing pages for sales or opt-in purposes, they need to have a few critical elements. If those elements are missing, they don’t convert. There are also very different goals for each type of landing page. We’ll assess the pages and make suggestions for any needed changes. I’m happy to make the changes necessary for you, or you may want to make the changes yourself.

Step Four: Find and Target Your Ideal Client

I don’t want you wasting money and time marketing in places your ideal customer doesn’t even show up. Because no matter how great your website is, no one will go there if they never hear about it. During our initial strategy session, we’ll determine exactly who you serve, what sets you apart and what you need more of in your business. Then I’ll use my years of online experience to find your “peeps” so we can focus our energy and resources on turning them into customers.

Step Five: Facebook Groups, Forums, LinkedIn Groups, Google+ Circles

I’ll identify specific places where you can get in front of groups of your ideal customers! As I research and develop an understanding of exactly what content they want and in what format, I’ll create a plan to give them exactly that. Of course, all the content I post will be in your voice, expressing your brand and your values. I take care of both creating original content and curating valuable content and adding your voice and brand to make it shine.

Step 6: Analysis of Your Online Presence

I’ll take a close look at your online presence across social media, directories, your website–anywhere you show up online. I’ll check engagement statistics, test links, see what’s missing and what’s working well. I’ll have recommendations that guide you to the best social platform for you and I’ll have a plan to move you forward quickly in establishing a strong brand identity and message. I’ll also tell you where you shouldn’t waste your time.

Step Seven: Research Your Top Two Competitors

Together we’ll identify your top 2 competitors. Then I’ll search the internet and discover where they’re marketing, review their websites, analyze their engagement with prospects and customers and find out how you compare. I’ll expose any deficiencies and create a plan to capitalize on those to set you above and apart from your competition. I’ll also determine what they’re doing right and make recommendations on similar tactics that may work for your business.

Step Eight: Keyword Research

Using online software I’ll do extensive research into the highest ranking keywords for your industry and niche. You’ll receive a list of the top 30. Once we have this list we can examine your website copy, marketing materials, even image names to make sure the best keywords for your business are being used. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed a lot and is still evolving daily. Stuffing your website full of keywords doesn’t work any longer. But there are specific ways we can use keywords and other tactics, like creating quality content, to help you “get found” online.

At the end of our process, you’ll have an overall view of your digital media presence.  You’ll be able to address any flaws the analysis reveals. As you correct flaws, you’ll see what’s working and continue to refine the process moving forward. Fees start at $1,500

Social media and online marketing are constantly changing. When you choose one of my monthly plans, I can be by your side to keep you informed, make adjustments when necessary and give you analytic reports to track conversions, engagement, reviews and more. Fees start at $300/month.

For more information about the social media audit or monthly plans available to you, please give me a call at 602-327-3529 or schedule a chat with me. I’m ready to help you shine online.