You’ve written your blog…now you need to promote your blog. Wondering where to start? Keep reading.

Writing a great blog usually takes a good bit of time and effort. Some statistics indicate that you spend 10% of your time writing your blog and 90% of your time trying to promote your blog. Here are a few things that will help you promote your blog content more ways, more places, and with less hassle.

1. Post Your Blog

Once your blog is written and published, the next step is to share it. The obvious places include:


There may be other places that work for your business such as trade publications or newsletters. Keep your eyes open for new places you can share. You may also want to consider starting a feed for your blogs. For information on how to get started, check out Feedburner. I recommend you share your blog link to social media as soon as it’s published.

2. Separate & Re-Post Your Blog

Once your blog is published and promoted on social media, edit your blog into major sections or themes. Then, from those themes choose one or two sentences to use as an additional post. Most 350 word blogs can produce 15 to 20 posts when edited this way. It’s a great idea to put amazing images with your quotes to make your post stand out. These posts should not all be posted at once, but rather, scheduled over a period of time.

3. Use a Great Image

Posts with images get more traffic than those without. We all know this, yet often find ourselves without the time or resources to do more than grab a random stock image. Do not do this. Stock images are over-used and no longer interesting or eye-catching. Use more creative images and use a tool like Canva or PicMonkey to create text overlay, branding and more. You can learn to use Canva here.

4. Share Other Blogs

There are a couple of reasons to use this tactic. First, it saves time to share and comment on someone else’s blog. Creating great content takes a lot of time, so occasionally sharing other blogs can help. Also, the other blogger will appreciate your efforts and a collaborative relationship may be formed. Most importantly, sharing content that is highly relevant to your target audience builds your credibility. The best tactic of all is to share something valuable to your audience that compliments your own product or service.

5. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is using a person or brand to promote your content. This one concept is going to be even more important to small businesses in 2018 than ever before. There are some important guidelines to follow, of course, so I suggest this article by Kissmetrics.

There are dozens of other ideas for getting your blog out there to more people, but these should give you a really good start. Once you’ve got these handled, tackle a few more from this infographic. As always, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the social media marketing world, schedule a call with me. Let’s find out how I can help!


Sherree Mongrain was an early adopter of social media and has watched the internet transform the way we work, play, and live for over 18 years. Her unique perspective and straight-forward approach make her popular with entrepreneurs and small businesses who want actionable information they can understand and that helps them grow their business. She specializes in online marketing strategy and planning, creating content--blogs, website pages, graphics, and videos, and working specifically with small business owners.