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and everything else you could possibly need for your digital marketing. Creating content of all types is my zone of genius. Let me help you with your “everything else”.

I can help you with strategies and tactics, ideas and recommendations, keyword research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)–all before I even start writing your content. All you have to do is schedule your call with me or email me at Sheree@PEEPSocialMedia.com. I’ve been writing effective content for 30 years. I’d be happy to write some for you. Let’s chat.


When I started my online business I had no idea how to navigate the mysteries of marketing my business on social media platforms. Working with Sherree has given me a lot more confidence. She is very experienced and a problem solver. She took the time to help me understand exactly what strategy we would be using and why. She set up and ran my Facebook Ads campaign and I was amazed at the results! She grew my fans by over 300%, helped me get my first few sales online and set me up to continue being successful.
Sherree was very professional and yet very giving of her time and I encourage you to contact her for help building your business.

Cheryl Wallace

Owner/Artist, Prayers and Paintbrushes